Throughout the past few years, Alice May in her own personal growth and understanding of her abilities, has studied psychic and healing deverlopement, attended lectures and study courses with psychic's Sylvia Browne, Echo Bodine, James Van Praagh and John Edward. Although Alice May had no intentions of her own to do psychic and mediumship work on a professional level, she believes she has been led to do so now.

Through the guidance of her own angels and spirit guides, Alice May, has helped to bring messages of love from departed loved ones to her many clients.


As a young girl growing up in Duluth, MN, angels appeared to Alice May during some family hardships and difficult times. They brought her great love and comfort. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, Alice May had many profound precognitive dreams and psychic experiences in which she accepted as a part of normal life. The words (psychic and paranormal) were not in her family's vocabulary or understanding. Yet, Alice May continued to grow with insight of intuition, clairvoyant, clairsentience and clairaudience abilities. She discovered that it made some people uncomfortable so she learned at a young age to keep many experiences close to her heart and to herself.

Alice May also had a great love for children so after she married she began a Child Care Service in her own home which she managed for 35 years in Minneapolis, MN. She received the "Lifetime Achievement Award" in the year 2008 for all her years of service. Alice May has now retired from her business of child care. She will do psychic and mediumship work on a full-time basis.