"The words are humming with testimonials and comments."

"My reading with Alice May was simply, Amazing.  She gave me validating information about my life's issues of which I have been struggling with.  Her insight of intuition gave me a new and enlighted view of my struggles, assurance that I was not alone and I truly was loved from above.  Help was on its way and it has finally arrived through Alice May's gifts from above."  S.C./Mpls,MN 2009
"I stumbled upon the Edge Life Expo by accident as I was attending another event at the convention center, saw the signs and it drew in my attention to explore.  Well I was surprised at all the products and services the expo offered and for the fun of it I got my 1st reading ever with Alice May.  She was not bothered that I was a skeptic, she just kept giving me all this information about my grandmother who had passed years ago.  Acurate information.  Threw me for a loop.  Then she told me about my recent health surgery of which I NEVER mentioned.  Again, I was so impressed I called her office a few days later and had an hour long reading. WOW!  Thank you, Alice May"....J.T./Mpls.MN 2008
"Alice May is truly gifted.  Through her automatic writing, she demonstrated exactly the handwriting of my mother who recently passed.  The information that she told me was that of the personality of my mother.  Alice May had her energy down to a "T".  The messages given were truly from my mother with info only my mother and I would know."   E.J./St. Paul, MN 2008
"Alice May says it all comes from above...not from her...well it was wonderfully awesome anyway!!!" V.B./Des Moines, IA 2009
Watch for more testimonials and comments.  If you would like to submit one of your own please email Alice May today.  Thank you! Email: amkgiftsfromabove@comcast.net
{Email received after an “Angels Gather Here” home psychic event 2009}

"Alice May, thank you so much for doing the party on Saturday.  I know everyone had a very good time.  I also  want to say thanks for spending the extra time with most of us. That was so wonderful!  It really made everyone feel wonderful.  I will look forward to seeing you again in October ’09 at my sister’s party, unless we meet sooner…
"**I also, thought I would tell you about the clocks which I am sure won’t surprise you. After you left, my husband and I had a glass of wine & talked about our experience.  We noticed that the clock time was off in the kitchen.  We didn’t think much about it but noted to each other that we need to change the battery in the morning.  Well, we did remember to change the battery in the morning but the goofy thing was that the battery didn’t need to be changed.  A lot of the clocks times were off, the kitchen stove, microwave, wall, our daughter’s room & one next to her door {her room is under the room you were in}, our son’s room & our bathroom.  Half are battery powered & half electric.  The only clocks that had the right time was the one on the living room wall & the one next to my bed.  NOW there goes to show how much energy & activity was going on – what a wonderful validation to add to our experience!
    "I also remember you stating how misty the living room was & I did notice that as well.  NOW I understand what the “haze” is.  My eyes have done this many times before & I always thought my contacts were dirty!  Thanks Again, take care." K.J./Mpls,MN 2009
"Alice, although we have never met nor did I know anything about you, before I went to bed last night, I asked my angels who I should speak to at the Edge Life Expo for a psychic reading.  Too please give me a sign.  Well, in my sleep I dreamed of you sitting at a round table…waiting for me.  In the dream I did not know your name but when I arrived at the Edge Life Expo today, I saw you sitting at a round table…waiting for me…just exactly like the dream…I am still amazed at this and of the facts of my reading for it brought peace of mind into my life."  
Thanks! J.R./Burnsville, MN 2006
"Alice May is a very caring and compassionate person.  As “Gifted” as you will find.  She made me feel safe and comfortable to freely discuss my concerns without any judgment.  In life’s concerns and in my spiritual worry she helped me greatly."  R.R./Hugo, MN 2007
"My loved ones on the other side made clear today that they are with me in spirit, see what is happening in my life and brought messages of truth of their love.  Alice May was able to connect to five, my mother, father, sister, niece and aunt from heaven’s side.  Messages only I and my family would know.  As an older person I did not believe this was possible but today I experienced it personally."  H.G./Des Moines, IA 2009
"My friends and I didn’t know what to expect when we gathered for an 'angel party' presented by Alice May but we were curious and interested.  In her heartwarming way, she shared her personal story and life experiences that led to accepting and developing her psychic gifts.  She made us feel comfortable and at ease with her friendliness, sense of humor and patience in answering our many questions.  After her initial presentation, each of us met with Alice May for a personal reading for 20 minutes.  We all agreed that the insights and information she shared with us were deeply meaningful and beyond our expectations.  I’m already looking forward to hosting another 'angel party' for friends who weren’t able to attend the first one." S.D./Minneapolis, MN 2009
Upon return of her trip from Mexico, Alice May's home phone had a message left on January 12, 2010 from KG, St. Paul, MN.  This was the message:   "Hello Alice...I am calling to share some good news with you.  I just wanted to let you know that when you told me last February or January 2009 that I would have a marriage porposal around Christmas of this year...you were exactly right.  We got engaged just over the weekend before his birthday.  So I wanted to share good news with you.  Hope you are doing well and I am sending a blessing your way-hopefully we can talk soon-take care." K.G., St. Paul, MN 2010
Email received after an "Angels Gather Here" home psychic event in Sarona, Wisconsin.  
Received on January 18, 2010.

Hi Alice, I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the enlightening experience that I had yesterday.  I went to the "Reading" party quite skeptical about the whole thing, although I did want to be somewhat open minded and ready to learn new things.  I was totally unprepared for what I received at my reading, everything that you relayed to me through the spirits was so correct and there was no way that you personally would of known those things about me.  I am still quite awe struck!  I didn't have any questions for you when I sat down for my reading, so now I think I will have questions for the next time I have a reading.  I am also looking forward to being enlightened more when I read your book, that you are about to write.  
Thanks again, J.B.Sarona, WI.,2010 
EMAIL & THANK YOU NOTE received after the Iowa Holistic Expo by Edge Life, dated March 20, 2010.
I had a reading with you and I really enjoyed it.  Alice, I just want to send you a thank you for your time on Saturday at the Expo.  I really enjoyed my reading and the information was great.  You've inspired me to come out of my shell and start working with others.  I wish you the best and hope to meet you in the future!
Thank you!  A.W., Des Moines, IA 2010
EMAIL received after the Iowa Holistic Expo by Edge Life, 
March 14, 2010
Alice May, I wanted to thank you again for the connection with my dad and the confirmations on what I have felt to be true.  The information you relayed could have in no way been known by you.  You are very gifted and I felt pulled toward you as I have never before experienced.  I have been told by others that I am very intuitive as you also confirmed.  Knowing that my grandparents and dad were present for me was very comforting.  I was able to have many questions I had answered and confirmed.  I look forward to sharing time with you again in the future.  You are a very beautiful and loving soul.  D.S., Des Moines, IA 2010
I attended the Edge Life Psychic Symposium in Fargo in September.  I was wanting to understand my relatonship issues I am currently having in my marriage.  With Alice May's insight she told me what I was currently experiencing  with my husband and his behavior, though no information was given to her, she explained it accurately to me.  But even more amazing to me is the explanation as to the root of or reason for his behavior.  It was with this  a whole new understanding was made to me that I had not considered.  Now I can move forward to resolving these matters with my husband in a more loving way.  Mrs. V.M. - Fargo, ND. - 2011
Yesterday at the Holistic Healing & Psychic Fair in Hudson, Wisconsin, I heard Alice May speak on Near Death Experiences.  As my wife & I listened to her speak, it was with uplifting information never thought of before and unknown to us.  With her grace and humor we enjoyed our time as she spoke.  It was interesting, delightful and comforting to understand this experience so many have had.  We look forward to Alice May's future events.  
Mr. & Mrs. R.Z. - Hudson, WI. - 2011
Alice has a wonderful ability with her gifts and at our recent "Angels Gather Here" home psychic event our guests were very amazed with Alice and her ability to know and be able to share personal information only they would know.  Alice was able to help and figure out many unanswered questions for the guests at our party.  We all feel Alice May is a true Gift from God.

In our reading with Alice we needed help with finding my sister that was given up for adoption when I was two years of age and now I am 44 and growing up with my mother I was always told she was my half sister which Alice confirmed was not true.  Alice was able to tell me where in the United States she was living and what name she would be going by and after a month of searching we found my sister and I am so grateful because I have grown up all these years thinking I had no living family to claim and now a big piece of my life feels complete after losing my mother in 2006.  I can not thank Alice enough for being such a thoughtful and caring person and for taking so much time with me after our party to help me find my sister.  We can not wait to have another party with Alice because we miss her very much.

God Bless You Alice May
Your Friends - Mr. & Mrs. B. and C.S., Olivia, MN. - 2011
I just had to call you today, Alice May, eventho we spoke earlier about the confirmaition of my daughters baby's birth of which you said would be a boy at the "Angels Gather Here" home psychic event at my home last June.  It is true, it was a healthy baby boy.  But I am now calling you to tell you more news,  when you told me at the party I would be traveling to California on a trip, I felt that was highly unlikely.  However, out of the clear blue an opportunity has risen for us and we are now leaving very soon for our trip to California...I can hardly believe it and I am so surprized by this recent development.  Send me the 2012 Numerology update, 2011 was exactly right too.  M.P.-Winsted, MN.2012
I just want you to know that you have touched my heart deeply with the psychic reading at the Edge Life Psychic Symposium on March 3rd, 2012.  You hit it right on with my husband's personallity and the issues we are currently coping with.  You knew he had diabetes, trouble with walking and his bad eating habits.  Your words of kindness to my concerns was very helpful.  Your connection to my father who passed away some years ago moved me deeply and brought tears to my eyes, for I knew it was truly his spirit.  I am looking forward to receiving my Numerology Chart as well and the free consultation with it.  This is a wonderful service you provide.  Thank you so very much.
G.J.-Rogers, MN. 2012
I met you in Sioux Falls, SD. recently at the BodyLabusa Holistic Healing & Psychic Fair.  It was so exciting to be there, my 1st time at any event such as this.  The Gallery you did was so interesting and I was shocked at some of the things you said or told to the ones you read.  It was very moving to know that life continues, our loved ones are safe and you seemed to calm my soul.  I have always been so afraid of dying.  I will look at this in a different light now.  Blessings.  L.S., Sioux Falls, SD. 2013
You gave me a reading in April and I just want to thank you.  My mother came through very clearly, I was amazed that you could describe her kitchen in accurate detail.  Her voice as you spoke, I could hear her talk in that style and words you used.  It was her, I am sure of this.  It did now matter to you if I doubted, you just continued to give me information only I would know or my mom knows.  I have learned many things from you in your speaking engagements that I have attended.   See you soon.  C.M., Moorhead, MN. 2013
I just want to thank you for the "Angels Gather Here" event you did at my home.  My guests were so happy to meet you and hear about your abilities.  Your humor and lightheartedness brought laughter and joy.  You touched our hearts in many ways and we will do another event soon.  Thank you.  E.W., Duluth, MN. 2013
With the loss of my son, due to suicide, I have been beside myself in agony in concern for his soul.  With your vision of his passing and the angels coming to his rescue, it gave me an awakened view of how God loves each of us.  Thank you.  S.W., Ashland, WI. 2013
I want to thank you for your heartfelt reading you gave me in March.  My father and brother came through clearly with full description of how they appeared in life.  I have missed them so much and had been praying for them in hopes to hear from them.  The messages came with many validations of which I have been experiencing in life.  Such as my marriage and difficulty with my son.  Now I understand the core of his issues.  This reading was what I needed and I am so glad I met you.  You are truly gifted.  Thank you.  A.B., Rice Lake, WI. 2013
Hi Alice!
I have been to see you a few times and always love your energy and what you say and messages to pass on.  I just want to let you know how spot on you were the last time i saw you (Nov. 2013)! You told me and my fiance, Rich that there was a soul ready to reincarnate.  I said no way Smile because I have a little boy who was almost 1 year old and i swore i was done having children for good (i have 3 children total)!  I just found out that i am pregnant!!  I honestly don't know how it is possible as we took precautions to avoid this!  It must be divine intervention!  I don't know how else this could be possible!  Thank you Alice!  You are amazing! - J.H., Sioux Falls, South Dakota 2014 
I met you at the Natural Healing Psychic Expo in Mankato, MN in November.  I was concerned for my job/career and I was quite nervous about it.  You picked up on my body's nervousness and assured me that my job was secure.  That all the management issues would be resolved, although some may be let go of due to financial issues within the company.  That my position was firm, due to my hard work and effortsI  I just want you to know, that the developments did indeed take place as you stated.  My position is secure and I am at peace.  Thank you.  J.E., Mankato, MN. 2013
Alice is for real and I will never forget my first reading, I was blown away! Thus began the beginning of my spiritual awakening! AG, MN 2014 
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Alice, I also wanted to let you know I finally discovered who my birth father is.  During one of our sessions this past year you told me you thought he was still alive and he is!  
Thank you again so much!
P.S. Minneapolis, MN. 2016
I know this is long overdue, but better late than never.
I just wanted to sincerely thank you for making special arrangements to come to my home for your spiritual readings and presentation. We all truly had an amazing experience with you and have discussed and shared our day with you frequently. You touched the lives of all of us! Thank you also for the hostess gifts. I have actually had time to color a bit and find it very relaxing and therapeutic. I love the candle and the books on dreams is fascinating. You sure don't need to bring gifts...I think you are a gift!
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving with those you love!
Fondly and sincerely,
J.L. Testimonial 2016
Thank you for taking the time to come up. Every single person who met with you felt like that they had questions answered, like they were able to feel more peace and have closure. People are already asking when you are coming back.
S.H. Beaver Bay, MN. Testimonial 2018

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for my reading on Friday.
I left feeling fantastic with a sense of peace that I haven't had since Chris left (passed away).  
Thank You! I also wanted to let you know that the 2 things you said that didn't ring true to me during the reading, I realized as true on my way home. So your statement of "2 the same and 1 different" was correct! Also, when he brought up the watch. He never wore one, but I had forgotten that he bought me one for Christmas. It arrived after his passing. You were spot on!
P.K. Woodbury, MN Testimonial 2019